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Thank you for visiting Pacific Rim Web's demo / resume sites. This particular site uses a slightly different technology called PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor). This site, although appearing in your browser as a typical site, actually is made up of modules. The modules comprise the header, footer, style, content, and basically anything else that one would want to compartmentalize. By keeping things in modules, it allows all of your pages, whether it be tens, hundreds, or even thousands, to be updated by one simple access point. You get the benefit of uniformity, branding, contact links, and large, manageable size being neatly maintainable.

A site like this is a good approach to a more technical, legal, text document based application. State, County, and Federal oragnizations use an approach like this, where the site can have far reaching pages, that need to be kept uniform in appearance and peripheral content. Of course, the site can be radically adjusted for multi-media, graphics, and a much more modern appearance, but it's strength is in its modular, well-organized structure.

You'll notice how quickly the site loads its submenues, maintains its organized menu, doesn't lag on loading, even on phones, and shapes itself to whatever device it's being viewed on, allowing customer familiarity, and allowing to zoom as an option. This is due to the compnonents that repeat, only having to load once

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